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Charter Service to Cuba Begins September

FLLAIR – FLL Airport Improvements and Renovations Update

Sound Insulation Pilot And Noise Mitigation Programs

Artist Isabel Perez Featured at Lee Wagener Art Gallery

West Lake Park Mitigation Wins Environmental Award

Broward County Receives “The Award of the Organization”

22nd Consecutive Month of Passenger Growth


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Airline Brokers Company, Inc. (“Airline Brokers”), a pioneer in the Cuba air travel industry, will commence its Fort Lauderdale - Havana charter service on September 2011. Flights to Havana are scheduled for Saturdays and are expected to cost just under $400, round-trip, for adults.


Airline Brokers is a licensed charter operator founded in 1982. Since its establishment, Airline Brokers has arranged chartered air transportation to several domestic and international locations, specializing in travel to Cuba


On March 9, 2011, the US Government gave approval to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, US, to offer charter flights to Cuba.


For more information on travel to Cuba, please contact Airline Brokers at 305-728-6302 or visit their website.


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Artist Rendering of Terminal 4 Western Phase


Runway Expansion
Broward County Purchasing Department received the Runway Structures design/build proposals from the five short-listed teams. The selected teams will design and build the structures over Federal Highway and the FEC Railroad.


The Atkins North America, Inc. team (formerly PBS&J) submitted the 90% design plans for the site preparation and infrastructure of the runway. The site prep work includes earth fill, retaining wall installation, storm drainage, and underground utilities. They also submitted the 60% design plans for the paving, lighting, and signage for the runway, taxiway, and cross-field pavements.  


Terminal 4 Gate Replacement
PGAL/Zyscovich completed the schematic designs for the western and eastern portions of the gate replacement projects. They are now working on the design/development documents for the western gate replacement only.


Land Acquisitions
The Land Acquisition Team has completed the appraisals of the Hilton Hotel and Dania Boat Sales with the objective of acquiring the two properties.


What's Next?

Activities expected in the second half of 2011:

·         Broward County will select one team to design/build the runway structures over the Federal Highway and the FEC Railroad.

·         Demolition of the former Port Everglades ID office and Lancaster Steel buildings will make way for the south runway expansion.

·         PGAL/Zyscovich will complete the Terminal 4 design/development documents for the western gate replacement.


Activities expected in the first half of 2012:

·         The construction work will begin on the runway structures over Federal Highway and the FEC Railroad. 

·         Work will start on the western gate foundations of Terminal 4.


More Details
For more detailed information on these topics, go to the
FLLAIR web page.



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Construction Team replace windows for Dania Beach resident


Contractors have substantially completed the installation of the acoustical windows, doors, and other sound insulation measures for the 48 residences in the Pilot Program. This program began in early June 2011.


Acoustical Testing
A team of sound engineers will next conduct the post-acoustical testing on the 48 residences. The sound testing will determine if the improvements reduced the sound level at least 5 decibels (dB) within the homes with an average of 45 DNL throughout the homes. Engineers performed the pre-acoustical testing in early June 2010. They will compare the pre and post testing measurements to ensure the program has met its goals. The post-testing will take place in September 2011.    


The Early Action Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Pilot Program provides sound insulation to the previously selected residential units located in Dania Beach. Read more information about the Sound Insulation Pilot Program. 

For additional information, go to the Pilot Program’s web site. You can also visit the Pilot Program Outreach Center located at 200 Dania Beach Boulevard, Suite 100, Dania Beach, Florida 33004 or call 954-924-2224.


Proposed Noise Mitigation Program
The Proposed Noise Mitigation Program will go before the Broward County Board of County Commission within the next couple of months. Once approved, the County will contact eligible homeowners for inclusion into the program.




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Artist Isabel Perez - Wetlands, 2010,  Oil on Canvas, fabric, and thread, stitched on silk


Between Two Lands, an exhibition by artist Isabel Perez, opened at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in early July. The exhibition, at the Lee Wagener Art Gallery, in Terminal 2 Departure Level, will run for three months, through October, 2011.


Isabel Perez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She majored in Fine Arts at the Cristobal Rojas School of Visual Arts and received a scholarship from the Federico Brandt Art Institute. Perez studied stained glass, wood carving, molding, and photography. In her work, she uses many different mediums including oil, acrylic and mixed media. She has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally.


Between Two Lands is a collection of different works characterized by the presence of landscapes and magical, imaginary trees. The visual impact caused by the difference in the nature of Perez’s birth country and Florida are reflected in more than 10 artworks created in different formats. 


For more information, contact Christina Roldan, Public Art and Design project manager at 954-357-8542 or e-mail



Description: Rip Rap Crib

View of West Lake Park Shoreline, Intracoastal Waterway


FLL’s West Lake Park Wetland Mitigation Program Segment 1 has earned a prestigious award – the 2011 Environmental Excellence Award by the Florida Airports Council. The award recognizes member airports for promoting or implementing environmental projects that have a positive effect on the Florida aviation system.

The project began in October 2010 with the end of summer 2011 as the target for the substantial completion of activities. FLL is contributing 10 million dollars to the Segment 1 mitigation funding in advance of the south runway expansion. The 34-acre project includes two aspects: habitation restoration and protecting shoreline habitat along the Intracoastal from erosion.


Habitat restoration began by removing the exotic vegetation. Crews then removed soil and graded it to specific elevations creating four distinct tidal zones: channels, mudflats, tidal pools, and mangrove habitats. This will allow the mangroves and other aquatic vegetation to regenerate naturally. To create the upland hammock, they planted almost 46,000 native plants of 21 different species.


To protect the habitat shoreline along the Intracoastal Waterway, work crews have installed almost 4,700 feet of riprap crib along the shoreline. Made of rocks, the crib allows the water to pass through while reducing the wave action. This will protect the shore from further erosion and will protect the existing mangroves and aquatic vegetation.


The project will require five years of observation and habitat monitoring. West Lake Park, located at 751 Sheridan Street in Hollywood. For more information, call the park at 954-357-5161.



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L-R Kent George, Jasmine Jones, Alex Horton, Norm Taylor, and Wayne Burns


The Broward County Aviation Department is the recipient of the 2011 Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC) Award of the Organization at the 27th Annual Airport Business Diversity Conference hosted by Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport in Texas. The Conference was held at the Fort Worth Convention Center on June 4 - 7, 2011. The award was presented to Jasmine Jones, Small Business Development Manager, at the AMAC Awards Dinner.


The Award of the Organization is an award given by the Board on behalf of AMAC to an individual, airport, or a firm for significant contributions toward the realization of DBE or EEO goals on an airport (e.g. program implementation, new program initiatives to foster growth and development of DBEs or encourage employment, research, litigation, etc.)



AMAC is the only national, non-profit, trade association that promotes full participation of minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprises in airport contracting and the inclusion of minorities and women in employment.



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Total traffic for the month of June was up 8.6% over June of last year. A total of 1,870,576 passengers travelled through FLL.


International traffic was 273,788, also up 8.6% for the period. June marked the 22nd consecutive month of positive growth in total passenger traffic.


Commercial operations totaled 18,066, up 2.1% over last June. General Aviation totaled 2,823, down 23.2% over June of last year. Total aircraft movements for the period were 20,889, down 2.3% over last year.


June 2011 saw increases by American up 55.5%, and Continental up 16.2%. US Airways and Delta both showed a decrease of 9.9% and 8.8%, respectively.  On the low-cost carrier side, Spirit showed an increase of 43.3% (the carrier was on strike June of last year), JetBlue grew by 8.4%, and Airtran was up 3.3%.


American announced service to Los Angeles in November and additional Chicago and Dallas service in February. Vision will begin service to Freeport in November. Southwest will begin service to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Manchester, Massachusetts, in February.

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