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$59 Million Funding For In-Line Baggage Systems

Art Exhibition on Display at Lee Wagener Art Gallery

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Inaugural FLL – Havana Service to Cuba


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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) has launched its own Twitter site. The popular social media tool will be used to connect frequent travelers and other followers with timely information updates from the nation’s 22nd busiest airport. Tweets will include announcements about new services, construction updates, parking, and special events.


If you already have a Twitter account, follow us @FLLFlyer. To join Twitter, visit


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$59 Million Funding For In-Line Baggage Systems


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In-Line Baggage System at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport, Terminal 1


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has awarded the Broward County Aviation Department funding for In-Line Baggage Systems in Terminals 2, 3, and 4 at FLL.  The project is valued at approximately $59 million.


The new systems will enhance security and improve efficiency for the TSA and airline baggage handlers. The old system required manually moving bags from one conveyor to another. The new systems minimize the handling of bags as they go from the curb or ticket counter to the ramp area where they are loaded into the aircraft. The baggage delivery systems will replace the current equipment in the three terminals.


TSA’s funding covers 90 percent of eligible costs for the Terminal 2, 3, and 4 baggage systems with the balance of the project funded with Passenger Facility Charges. No local tax dollars or Broward County General Revenue Funds will support this or any capital improvement project at the airport.


In the recently completed Terminal 1 In-Line Baggage System project, TSA supported the initiative with $18 million in funding. Southwest Airlines served as the construction manager. Construction and opening of the project were accomplished in 28 months. With airline participation, the airport built a system that meets the specific needs of our air carriers. This improves the overall experience for the travelling public.


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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport – Jodi Pinto Four Cylinders

The Broward County Cultural Division’s Public Art & Design Program recently opened Concept to Reality:  Creating a Sense of Place through Broward County’s Public Art at FLL. The exhibition, in the Lee Wagener Art Gallery, features models, sketches, and maquettes of artworks, as they stand today installed at various locations around the airport. The Gallery is located before security in Terminal 2 on the Departure Level.


The models and sketches tell the story of how each of the selected artworks came to be a reality through the artists’ process and creation. Six artworks were selected from the airport’s collection of 56 artworks, some of them award-winning designs.


The six artworks featured are: Light Cylinders, 2001, by artist Jody Pinto, located in the Hibiscus Garage; Fort Lauderdale Airport Sculpture, 1989, by artist David Lee Brown and located at the Airport Greenbelt; Mangrove Islands, 2005, by artist Thomas Sayre, located at the Rental Car Center; Vendor with Walkman, 1990, by Duane Hanson, located at Terminal 3, Departures Level; Florida Current, 2001, by artist Keith Sonnier, located at Terminal 4, Baggage Claim; and Instead of a Bridge, 2003, by artist Miles Coolidge, located at Terminal 1, Concourse B.


This is a special exhibition at the Lee Wagener Art Gallery. Throughout the year, the Gallery offers Broward County artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in a prominent, high-traffic area in Terminal 2 that is accessible to the general public.


For more information, contact Christina Roldan, Public Art and Design project manager at 954-357-8542 or e-mail


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FLL Airport Volunteers


Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is fortunate to have approximately 80 dedicated local citizens acting as volunteer “Ambassadors”. With the busy cruise/winter season approaching, more volunteers are needed. The objective of the Volunteer Ambassador Program is to provide travelers with friendly, informed service that enhances their experience at the airport. They welcome visitors to the Greater Fort Lauderdale area and undoubtedly make an incredibly positive impression. Visitors are introduced to the spirit of the Greater Fort Lauderdale area with friendly, outgoing and caring service.


Volunteers are trained in customer service and assist passengers with many questions about airport facilities or services. Information they provide includes directions to particular airlines, gates, restaurants, restrooms, phones, and rental car services.


Ambassadors can be identified by their red jackets, white shirt, and an Ask Me? or the  button on their jacket lapel so travelers needing assistance can easily identify them. Travelers can find the ambassadors at the Information Desks in baggage claim, at the departure level, and the Rental Car Center. Since the program was established in 1997, Volunteer Ambassadors have contributed nearly 140,000 hours helping passengers.


FLL’s Ambassador Program has not only received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Airport users and tenants, but from the volunteers themselves. As one of our dedicated volunteers said (who has been with us since the program’s inception in 1997) “I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful program. With all of the frustrations associated with traveling these days, I am thrilled to help make traveling through the airport a pleasurable experience.” Our volunteers are truly “Ambassadors”, not only for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, but for all of Broward County.


If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please complete an application located on our web site.


For more information, please contact Felice Schneider at 954-336-2798 or email her at


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The inaugural flight from Fort Lauderdale to Havana received a traditional Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting water cannon salute upon departure. The plane departed Terminal 4 with 105 passengers and nine crew members.


Passengers on the departing flight celebrated the event with cake and music. The new service departs for Cuba every Saturday. Airline Brokers which manages the flights is hopeful that it will be authorized for a second weekly flight in 2012.


To make travel reservations to Cuba from Fort Lauderdale, contact Airline Brokers at 305-728-6302 or visit their web site.


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