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Progress Of The South Runway Expansion

West Lake Park Mitigation

Fll’s New Airport Rescue/Firefighting Truck

North Perry Airport And It’s Newest Fbo

Nasa Hold Media Day At Sheltair Aviation


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The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) is progressing with the expansion of the south runway and related projects. The overall program consists of three major aspects: Land Acquisition, Expansion of the South Runway, and Terminal 4 Gate Replacement.


DMJM, Inc., is the Program Management Office consultant (PMO) which is responsible for managing the overall program. Under the PMO’s supervision, other consultants and contractors will perform the design and the actual construction.


Land Acquisition
Broward County Real Properties Division has initiated work to acquire the Dania Boat Sales and Hilton Hotel properties.


South Runway Expansion
PBS&J is designing the runway, taxiways, and the design criteria package for the structure over the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) and Federal Highway. PBS&J has provided several preliminary runway/taxiway design options. BCAD and the PMO are reviewing the various options.


Terminal 4 Gate Replacement
Terminal 4 is also in the design phase with PGAL-Zyscovich (PZ) Design Services working on this project. Several gates will relocate to a western concourse to accommodate the expanded south runway. There will also be a connecting passageway to Terminal 3, new office space, and employee/visitor parking for the offices.


In 2011, construction will begin on the runway structures over the FEC railroad and Federal Highway. Demolition of the Gulfstream and former Port Everglades ID buildings will make way for the newly designed S. runway. Also in 2011, replacement of the southernmost gates in Terminal 4 to accommodate the new taxiway and runway infrastructure.


For more information about these projects, go to the Program Phasing Plans.



In preparation for the expansion of the south runway, FLL is contributing to the funding for habitat restoration in West Lake Park. The Park was identified as a mitigation area due to its close proximity to the airport and the need for exotic plant removal under the Park’s Master Mitigation Plan. West Lake Park is located at 751 Sheridan Street in Hollywood.


Westlake Park.JPG


The Park contains 63+ acres of exotic plant areas and spoil islands. Habitat restoration includes scraping down the spoil islands to create mudflats, channels, tidal pools, and mangrove areas. Machinery will remove all exotic plants on the spoil islands that are not scraped down. Crews will then hand plant native vegetation creating upland hammocks. They will use about 46,000 plants, comprised of 21 different hammock species. A riprap crib will be installed along the Intracoastal Waterway to provide shoreline protection for existing mangroves.


The 6.8 million dollar project began in April 2010, with an estimated completion by the end of 2011. It will require five years of observation and habitat monitoring. Visit the West Lake Park web site.



Fire Truck.JPG


The largest Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Truck east of the Mississippi is now in service at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.  This State-of-the-art truck cost approximately $1.3 million and was purchased with the aid of Federal Aviation Administration grant funds. 


Some of the key features include:


Extreme Mobility and Stability

·        All-wheel drive and independent suspension provide response capabilities off-the-tarmac with outstanding maneuverability.

·        All-wheel steering allows the truck to literally drive sideways in one of three distinct steering modes.

·         950 bhp diesel engine combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission propel the truck from 0 to 50 mph in 35 seconds, go up a grade of 60 degrees, and a top speed of 70 mph.

·        A wide track of 10.2 feet and low center of gravity provide exceptional stability on sideslopes up to 30 degrees. 


Firefighting and Rescue Capabilities

·        Equipped with water, foam, and dry chemical fighting agents dispensed via a high reach extendable turret and a high volume bumper turret.

·        65 foot extendable turret is equipped with a piercing nozzle capable of penetrating the fuselage of aircraft and dispensing water and or foam from 250 to 500 gallons per minute.

·        Bumper turret can discharge from 375 to 750 gallons per minute.

·        Equipped with 4500 gallon tank for water, 630 gallon tank for foam concentrate, and a 13,500 gallon tank for water/foam mixture.

·        To assist in night rescues or in smoky conditions, the cab has a forward looking infrared camera.


Firefighter Friendly

·        One firefighter can operate the entire ARFF truck and its equipment.

·        Cab can seat up to five and has a high capacity cooling/heating system.

·        Wrap-around cockpit style instrument panel with controls grouped by function for quicker access.


With the addition of this new ARFF truck, FLL has an extra fire truck that will be sold to the Pembroke Pines Fire Department (PPFD) for operation at North Perry Airport. PPFD handles the fire rescue response at this general aviation airport operated by the Broward County Aviation Department.




A recent issue of Airport Business Magazine profiled a new fixed base operator (FBO) and North Perry Airport. The FBO is the Fuel Depot at Bobby’s Landing and they are taking advantage of 10-acres of available land. They have built a thriving business providing fuel to the general aviation aircraft at North Perry Airport located in Pembroke Pines. With a $12 million capital improvement plan, the Fuel Depot has plans to add hangar storage, a terminal building, and a restaurant with a WW II theme. The U.S. Navy once owned and operated the airport so Bobby’s Landing is hoping the theme will be well received and beneficial to the airport’s users. 




Broward County Aviation Department operates this 511-acre airport with four runways. Estimated operations will total 175,000 this year. About 300 aircraft are based at the airfield with over 50% of these operations consisting of flight training activities from five flight schools. There are over 100 T Hangers (hangers specially designed for general aviation aircraft) and two banner towing operators. Several local news helicopters operate from North Perry serving the tri-county area.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the airport has an estimated economic impact of $133 million on the community. In 2008, FDOT recognized North Perry Airport as the general aviation airport of the year.


The future looks bright for the Fuel Depot and the Airport. According to the recently updated Master Plan Study, operations are projected to grow and that will bring more business to all the FBOs. There is additional airport acreage to develop for FBOs to offer services to the general aviation community. You can read the entire Airport Business article and visit the North Perry Airport web site.



DC8 arrives at FLL.JPG


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) held a Media Day on Thursday, September 2, to discuss its hurricane airborne research mission based at FLL for six weeks. Scientists, instrument teams, and flight crews will use a Douglas DC-8 research aircraft to better understand how tropical storms form and develop into major hurricanes. Scientists discussed the mission and provided tours of the aircraft to local members of the media.


The Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) experiment is a NASA Earth science field experiment that will use a number of ground networks, research aircraft, and space-based assets.


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