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Bass Baritone Cappy Pillon Sings at Naturalization Ceremony

Bass baritone Cappy Pillon sang the National Anthem at a United States of America Naturalization Ceremony at the Federal Building in Fort Lauderdale in the fall. The actor and singer brought numerous years of entertainment experience in radio and television, sporting events and commercial genres.

The Broward Cultural Division has been assisting the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, for several years by sending out Calls to Artists who are able to perform at the Naturalization Ceremonies.

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 Broward County Ranks ranks first for more than a decade on sales of State of the Arts specialty licence plate. 

For more than a decade, Broward County has ranked Number 1 in the State of Florida in sales of the arts license plate. This revenue-generating State of the Arts License Plate Program has delivered more than $1.3 million in revenue to the County. The arts tag fund has been a valuable resource used  among other things  to help plan and develop Florida's first affordable live/work housing projects for artists, Sailboat Bend Artists' Lofts, and is earmarked for a second live/work space in Broward County.

The initial fee for the plate is $32 above the usual cost at vehicle registration renewal time. For every State of the Arts license plate purchased in Broward County, $20 is returned to Broward County's local arts agency, the Broward Cultural Division. More than 1.2 million cars are registered in Broward County, and of those, more than 14,500 carry an arts license plate. New plates may be obtained in person, through the Department of Motor Vehicles Tag offices or by requesting them during your registration by mail. Individuals who lease vehicles may ask their dealer for the plate.

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 Flash Mob in Fort Lauderdale

Flash Mob in Fort Lauderdale

The first ever public art flash mob at the Riverfront in downtown Fort Lauderdale was organized in the fall by the Broward Cultural Division’s Friends of Public Art Program. This outdoor event created a remarkable photo opportunity for a fun and interactive experience for the community. The mob consisted of 24 to 30 swing dancers from Swing Out South Florida.

The public was alerted that something was afoot, when two of the groups most accomplished spontaneously began dancing in the middle of the busy thoroughfare along the river, and then other dancers emerged from various locations and joined in; when the music was over the dancers all dispersed.

The event took place just east of the railroad tracks on the Riverwalk in Fort Lauderdale. The site was chosen for its column-like public artwork, Cascade Arch, by artist Barry Tinsley.

People attending the Riverwalk Jazz Brunch were encouraged to view the surprise and FAU’s MediaLAB filmed the event.  The crowd swelled when a train went by, adding people who were waiting to cross the tracks to the audience.

Visit the Broward Cultural Division website to see a YouTube video of the event.


Friends of Public Art is an initiative designed to encourage the community to actively engage with Broward County’s Public Art & Design program; and to enjoy and become knowledgeable about its “museum without walls,” i.e. public art outside of a museum.

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