Ten Habits of Highly Secure Employees

file folder chained

Ten simple ways for employees to help protect company data and assets  


  1. Use strong passwords for all of your accounts
  2. Do not share your password with anyone
  3. Do not store confidential data on mobile devices
  4. Never provide personal information in response to an email or unsolicited phone call
  5. Password protect your mobile devices (phones, tablets)
  6. Shred documents that contain confidential information
  7. When faxing confidential information, double check the recipients fax number
  8. In the event your laptop or mobile device that is used to access County data is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to your supervisor.
  9. Do not forward SPAM emails
  10. Do not click on links from unknown sources

Employees Install and Test New Time Clock

Employees Who Installed and Tested New Time Clock

A dedicated team of easyPay employees gathered to install and test a new time clock at Government Center West (GCW) in mid-August. Results of the test will be incorporated into a follow-up test installation happening in early September at GCW. Site locations for additional clocks are beginning to appear across the County. More Photos...

Pictured, left to right are: Mike Delucia – Facilities Management, Intern Anthony Lopez - ETS Workplace Services, Ivan Valdes – ETS Datacom, Norman(Kevin) Carosella – ETS Workplace Services, Alison Redmond – ETS KRONOS Project Manager, John Bruno – ETS’ Chief Information Officer, Qunea Gordon – ETS KRONOS Project Manager, Barry Ballester – (PACER Member) Permitting and Licensing, Consumer Protection, Chante Nelson – ETS Workplace Services, Jessica Rubenstein – ETS Workplace Services, Orlando Condo – ETS Workplace Services Manager, Robert Johnson – ETS DataCom; kneeling, Nick Bisono and Tom Oliver, both of ETS Workplace Services, and Frank Ardillo – Facilities Management.