Final Step of Open Enrollment – First Paycheck Review on January, 11, 2013

The final step of our annual open enrollment is to review your first pay voucher from January 11, 2013, and compare it to your open enrollment confirmation statement. You must verify that your health, dental, vision and/or FSA elections are deducted correctly. If there is a discrepancy between your pay voucher and confirmation statement, contact Employee Benefit Services immediately at 954-357-6700 or email benefits@broward.org. You can view/print your confirmation statement online at broward.org/benefits through the end of January.

Tips for Reaching Your Goals in 2013

In anticipation of the New Year, many individuals set their resolutions to either improve their well-being (lose weight, eat healthier) or financial situation (save money, get out of debt). Although New Year’s resolutions vary, one thing remains constant: staying committed is no easy task. We are all enthusiastic at the beginning, but tend to lose momentum. So, here are some tips for successfully keeping your 2013 goals:

Have a happy and healthy new year and remember: It’s not about what you’re giving up. It’s what you’re adding to your life.

Reminder: New Pharmacy Provider in 2013

Pharmacy benefits are provided under the County’s self-insured plan through Catamaran. Catalyst Rx was purchased by CSX in mid-2012 and the two companies became Catamaran. Effective January 1, 2013, visit mycatamaranrx.com or call member services at 1-855-356-3216 for more information.

In addition to having a new pharmacy provider, Briova RX is Catamaran’s specialty pharmacy provider. They will assist members with their specialty medications to ensure safe and effective administration. Briova Rx provides free delivery to your home/work address. Visit BriovaRx or call member services, at 1-855-427-4682 for more information.

Wellness Updates

The New Year is bringing new, exciting employee wellness programs and events. Employee Benefit Services is in the process of establishing a new wellness center at Traffic Engineering. Be on the lookout for information on  Humana’s wellness programs, disease management programs and other enhancements.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Employee Benefit Services at 954-357-6700 or email  wellness@broward.org. Visit broward.org/benefits from work or home to access the Employee Benefits website.  Visit broward.org/MyWellness for new programs and to manage your benefits accounts.

Health and Wellness Tip

Locate the "urgent care" centers near work and home and program the telephone numbers into your cell phone. To find the center(s) near you, login at Humana.com, select DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS and then URGENT CARE CENTERS.

Six Reasons to visit an Urgent Care Center Before Going to an Emergency Room

Visit an Urgent Care Center for:

If you are experiencing severe bleeding, chest pain, loss of consciousness, significant difficulty breathing or other life-threatening situations, visit the nearest hospital emergency department immediately.