Broward.org Website to be Upgraded to
SharePoint 2010 in April

Enterprise Technology Services and the Office of Public Communications will upgrade the broward.org website and Broward Web Publishing, the content management interface, to SharePoint 2010 beginning in April. The upgrade will include two phases.

For questions, contact Broward County Website Manager, Rob Nadeau, at rnadeau@broward.org or 954-357-7462.

Technical Support Phone Scams

Phone scam
The basis for all cyber attacks is criminals attempting to steal money or your personal information. This often occurs through fraudulent emails (phishing) where the sender pretends to be a legitimate company requesting personal information.

These criminals are now running phone scams where they masquerade as technical support personnel. They call potential victims claiming to be from a legitimate computer support company, such as Microsoft, and say they have detected that the victim’s computer is acting abnormally and likely due to a virus. The victim is then directed to a website to download software or use services that will allow the criminals to remotely connect to the computer.

Once the software is loaded, the criminals are now able to harvest information from the computer or install malware that will capture keystrokes for login credentials to online services such as your personal bank account.

How to protect yourself from scams:

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