2002 Florida Artists' Book Prize
March 20 - June 19, 2003



Chiarlone, Rosemarie. Hidden realities: medical staff; 9 children died / 3 children in serious condition.


Chiarlone, Rosemarie
Hidden realities: medical staff;
9 children died / 3 children in
serious condition.

– Miami Beach, FL; 2002.
9 manila file folders: ill.;
32 x 24 x 2.5 cm.

[“Nine manila file folders each with indelible ink drawings,
a laser-printed photo on vellum, and two sheets of anonymous medical staff writings. Bound between two gray hospital file dividers.” – Artist’s statement. – “Number 1 of an edition of 3
– Signed by the artist.” – Colophon]

Chiarlone, Rosemarie. Hidden realities: medical staff; 9 children died / 3 children in serious condition.

Chiarlone, Rosemarie. Hidden realities: medical staff; 9 children died / 3 children in serious condition.




Brady, Jennifer
Distance.– Clearwater, FL; 2002.
1 folded sheet; ill.; 3 x 7.5 x 1 cm.

[Screenprint on index paper. – Number 1 of an edition of 13]


Brady, Jennifer
In the light / text by Christopher Cunningham;
photography by Jennifer K. Brady.
[42] p.: ill.; 26.5 x 21.5 x 2 cm.

[“Text by Christopher Cunningham. Photography by Jennifer Brady. Edited and arranged by Jennifer Brady. Produced with the guidance of Norman Wagner. Created on various Macintosh computers at the Atlanta College of Art. Printed with Epson 1280 on Rives BFK gray. Produced September-December 2002. This is number 8 of an edition of 10” – Colophon. – Marbled endpapers]


Brandt, Barbara
A multitude of minuscules / Barbara Brandt. – Margate, FL; 2002.
[27] leaves; ill.; 16.5 x 21.5 x 1 cm.

[“Original text and calligraphy… scanned and printed on Arches text wave. The covers are enhanced with Japanese papers, cord and beads in a palm leaf binding.” – Artist’s statement – Number 1 of an edition of 4]


Chiarlone, Rosemarie
[Filter my energy]. – Miami Beach, FL; 2002.
3 v. (#2,4,6 coffee filters):
19.5 x 24.5 x 6.5 cm.

[“Number 2, 4, and 6 coffee filters colored with espresso, indelible ink; in box with metal clasp.”– Artist’s statement. – Number 1 of an edition of 2]


Chiarlone, Rosemarie
[Mending souls]. – Miami Beach, FL; 2002.
1 mending tape spool: ill.;
5.5 x 2.5 x 3 cm.

[Spool is marked: “Dennison Transparent Mending Tape, No. 2, 225 inches. Made in U.S.A.”–“ Laser-printed collage images on vellum attached to tape. Number 1 of an edition of 3” – Artist’s statement]


Evers, Valan
. . . adrift in dreams / by Valan Evers. – Ft. Lauderdale,
FL; 2002.
[13] leaves; ill.; 28 x 23.5 x 1 cm.

[In hand made paper cover. – “…hand made book, hand made paper cover, vellum & inkjet prints. Bound with raffia. Mythological narrative; illustrations about select legends and gods or Goddesses.” – Artist’s statement – Number 1 of an edition of 10]


Gonzalez, Joaquin
Hopeless. – Miami, FL; 2002.
[40] leaves; ill.; 26 x 27 x 2 cm.

[“This limited edition of 20 prints was hand made, signed, and numbered by the author. The prints each measure 6 ½ x 6 ½ in. Black ink was used throughout the whole process. The paper is from Utrecht American Master; it’s made from 100% cotton and weighs 245 grams. The edition consists of 5 models (using etching technique printed by the artist)” –Number 1 of an edition of 5. – Colophon]


Johnson, Linda K.
LoosEnds / written by Kitty Oliver, Lynne Barrett,
Kat Meads, Sally Hintz, Marjorie Klein, Lesli Johnson, Sharon Hatfield; book designed by Linda K. Johnson.
– Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 2002.
25 leaves; ill.; 22.5 x 16.5 x 3 cm.

[“About this book: Loose Ends is a work of fiction written by seven
women authors from across the United States whose willing participation in this creative endeavor I greatly appreciate. The story and book evolved over time and space as each writer received the text that the previous author(s) had written and then added a new segment—with the exception of Kitty Oliver who wrote the story’s beginning. … This book is handbound. Silhouette illustrations, book design and hand binding are by Linda K. Johnson. The typeface used is Matrix Book designed by Zuzanna Licko. This book was printed on a laserprinter on Neenah classic paper. … This artists’ book is in an edition of 50 of which this is number 1– Signed by the artist.” -- Colophon]


Maloney, Charlotte
The end of time / by Charlotte Maloney.
– Coconut Creek, FL; 2002.
1 folded sheet; ill.; 17 x 18 x 1 cm.

[In slipcase. – “Accordion fold, watercolor paper, hand painted with inks. – Number 1 of an edition of 2”– Artist’s statement]


Maloney, Charlotte
Till the end of time.
– Coconut Creek, FL; 2002.
[16] leaves; ill.; 28 x 19 x 1 cm.

[In folded paper cover. – “… dedicated to Barbara Seebert, a wonderful book artist who died this past year. – Materials: watercolor, gouache on 140 lb. Watercolor paper. The binding is sewn with copper & steel wire [and] some beads…”. – Number 1 of an edition of 2.” – Artist’s statement]


Marcus, Marilyn
For the love of jazz. – [Miami Beach, FL; 2002]
15 leaves; ills.; 28 x 22 x .5 cm.

[“This book is written and illustrated in watercolors, pen and ink. It is dedicated to my husband, Sidney, who gave me the gift ‘For the Love of Jazz.’ Cover is color copied. This is number one of three”– Artist’s statement]


Meza, Alberto
C.F. Cavafy’s “Expecting the barbarians”: (A revised & illustrated version) / by Alberto Meza. – Miami, FL; 2002

[“French and concertina book, with 13 (thirteen) etchings, printed on Arches paper, measuring 29” L x 18” H. The illustrations consist of 10 etchings of 6” x 7”; 2 etchings of 6” x 8”’ and 1 etching of 12” x 11 ½. The armature of the book is wood with cloth, with metal hinges and handles. The edition is limited to 2 copies only. The Cavafy poem was printed on Arches paper, with an engraving as decorative vignette.– Number 1 of an edition of 2.” – Artist’s statement]


Odom, Allison
In the Rockies. – Pembroke Pines, FL; 2002.
1 v. (unpaged); ill.;
23.5 x 21 x 1 cm.

[“Canson and vellum papers, dried leaves, flowers, and grasses, bound by paper wire. – Number 1 of an edition of 2” – This is my second artists’ book, my first being for last year’s Bienes Center competition. This book is dedicated to my sister.” – Artist’s statement]


Orehovec, Paul Anthony
The magician stands alone. – Miami, FL; 2002.
[49] leaves; ill.; 28.5 x 22 x 2 cm.

[“… a collection of 48 photographs and text that tell a non-linear story from the inner-workings of my mind. A variety of paper and film stock was used. The photographs were edited by Photoshop. The book was printed in an edition of three and bound with metal rings and black presentation board. Some see the book as a personal statement, others have seen it as a political statement, my mom thought it was a pile of crap and an ex-girlfriend said it was pretentious. Above anything though, this is a statement of myself in all my personal, pretentious, and political ways.” – Artist’s statement.– Number 1 of an edition of 3]


Saccoccio, Rosanna
Roses & bonbons and healing. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 2002.
1 folded sheet; ill.; 25 x 17.5 x 1 cm.

[In white satin slip case. – Number 1 of an edition of 3]


Sobchak, Alicia Bellini
Now & then: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. – Davis, FL; 2002.
2 folded sheets; ills.; 20.5 x 12 x 3.5 cm.

[Binding held together with paper band. – Contents: Now & then:
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. – Events, 1790-2002, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.– “Printed and hand-bound by Alicia Bellini Sobchak. Type is Filosofia and Univers Condensed. Text is Mohawk 50/10 Plus Softwhite 80 lb. Linen cloth on 1mm paper board. Copy written by A.B. Sobchak and various sources. Early images from various sources. 2002 images and illustrations by A.B. Sobchak. Signed by the artist, 5/2002. Number 2 of an edition of 3” – Colophon]


Sobchak, Alicia Bellini
Portraits of Canterbury: based on The Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer, circa 1387-1400 A.D. / Alicia Bellini Sobchak. – Davie, FL; 2002.
1 folded sheet; ill.; 21.5 x 8 x 1 cm.

[“Printed and hand-bound by Alicia Bellini Sobchak, 2002. Type:
Filosfia and Times New Roman. Text: Canson Ingres. Copy: www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/CT-prolog-para.html. The text is
part of the Internet Medieval Source Book… -- Signed by the artist, 6/2002. Number 5 of an edition of 10”. – Colophon]


Tan, Sherri
Kings, Queens, Knights, Pawns / by Sherri Tan. – [Miami, FL]; 2002.
1 portfolio: ills.; 49 x 34 x 1 cm.

[“… a book of twenty prints, comprised of ten images and ten prose poems. The contents are subtly surreal and chance plays a significant role in the viewing of this book. The poems and images are not paired in the traditional manner. Pages are not numbered, and should be viewed by keeping each page with its
printed side up, sliding one page atop the next. This process will
arbitrarily pair text with image, image with image, or text with text, and will continuously alter their order, as when shuffling a deck of cards. As each reading reveals new combinations, new associations and understandings emerge. …” – “A portfolio of twenty original Giclée prints. Edition of 25, Miami, Florida, 2002.
No 4 of 25 + (2 artist’s proofs). – Signed by the artist.– Cover by Red Wagon Bookworks.” – Colophon]


Verrecchia, Lea Nickless
I remember: pioneer life in New Mexico: Anna Browning Dale / [by Lea Nickless Verrecchia].
– Coconut Grove, FL: Palimpsest
Press, 2002. – 33 p.: ill.; 22.5 x 27.5 x 3 cm.

[In box. – “This book was printed on Mohawk Superfine paper with a Hewlett Packard Deskjet printer. This book was bound with Asahi bookcloth with loving assistance from Jim and Bobbie Nickless and Gianfranco Verrecchia. The endpapers are paste papers created by Lea Nickless Verrecchia. … This book was completed in March 2002. This is copy 3 or 20. – Signed by the artist, Lea Nickless Verrecchia, granddaughter of Anna Browning Dale” – Colophon]


Brady, Jennifer

Jennifer Brady was born January 20, 1976, in Clearwater, Florida. Her mother collects pigs and country kitsch. Her father was fascinated by space. She enjoys movement, clarity, and captured time.

Brandt, Barbara

Barbara Brandt attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, and has a BA in Art from the City University of New York, Queens College. She has worked as a calligraphy instructor in South Florida and her works are in the collections of the National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution; the City of Miami Beach, Florida; and the Jaffee Collections of Books as Aesthetic Objects, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL.
She is a member of the South Florida Calligraphy Guild.

Chiarlone, Rosemarie

Rosemarie Chiarlone was born in Philadelphia and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Florida International University (Miami, FL). She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad and her works are represented in the following collections: The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Library and Research Center (Washington, D.C.); University of Miami, Otto B. Richter Library (Miami, FL); The Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry (Miami Beach, Fl); Florida International University (Miami, FL), and numerous others. She has received many awards and honors including an Artist Access Grant from Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and Tigertail Productions (Miami, FL).

Evers, Valan

Valan Evers is an award-winning artist, photographer and author. She has taught at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for the past 16 years in the Photography, Computer Animation Visual Special Effects departments. She is also a beta tester for the popular electronic software, “Painter.” Her area of special interest is visual narratives of mythological characters and events. Her work has graced calendars, greeting cards, and posters and has appeared in the prestigious Graphis Publications. She has also been published in numerous coffee-table art books. As a working visual artist, she has shown her work extensively, has had many gallery shows, and is part of two corporate collections. Two of her pieces are currently in a two-year traveling world show hosted by the World Food Bank.

Gonzalez, Joaquin

Joaquin Gonzalez was born in Havana, Cuba, and currently resides in Miami, Florida. He attended the Graphic Design Institute and the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, in Havana, Cuba. He has exhibited his works in numerous Cuban, Spanish and U.S. galleries.

Johnson, Linda K.

Linda K. Johnson graduated from the University of Houston with a BA in graphic communication and from the Virginia Commonwealth University with an MA in visual communication. She teaches graphic design and book arts at Florida Atlantic University as an Associate Professor in the Schmidt College of Arts and Letters. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada, Lithuania and the U.S. She received the Bienes Center/Florida Center for the Book’s Florida Artists’ Book Prize in 1999. As a graphic designer and artist the focus of her creative research is in the design of alternative book structures. She sees her work as taking content and finding the form, materials and visual references that best communicate the idea of the book. She specializes in the making of small editions using a variety of printing methods including letterpress, silkscreen, inkjet and laser printers.

Maloney, Charlotte

Charlotte Maloney is an accomplished artist with thirty years of experience working as a commercial artist, a fine artist, and teacher. Her art career began in New York City where she received professional training at the School of Visual Arts studying with Richard Pousette-Dart. She continued her education and received a MA from Florida Atlantic University. She is a member of the Boca Museum Artists Guild, the Florida Watercolor Society, and teaches art at Palm Beach Community College and Florida Atlantic University.

Marcus, Marilyn

No information available.

Meza, Alberto

Alberto Meza is currently professor of fine arts at Miami-Dade Community College. He holds degrees from the University of Chile (Santiago, Chile), Syracuse University, and Northern Illinois University. He was the recipient of the 1998 Florida Artists’ Book Prize. He has participated in numerous one-person print exhibitions in the U.S. as well as abroad. His print, “At Gauguin’s Funeral,” was juried in the 5th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition in Japan. His works are in the permanent collections of: Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile; Art Institute of Chicago; Bienes Center for the Literary Arts; Florida International University, Art Department Collection, and others.

Odom, Allison

Allison Odom became a devotee of the books arts after taking a class in college. This is her second artists’ book.

Orehovec, Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony Orehovec is a 1998 graduate of Palmetto High School (Miami, FL) and received a BA in communication/art in 2002 from the University of Miami. He works in the following media: photography, video/film, music, and painting.

Saccoccio, Rosanna

Rosanna Saccoccio resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and has received various local public art commissions. In 1997, she received a South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual Artists Fellowship Award. She has shown works in exhibitions in Florida, California, and Europe and her art is in the following collections: the Brooklyn Museum; MOMA, NYC; Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL; and others.

Sobchak, Alicia Bellini

Alicia Bellini Sobchak has a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Florida and an MFA in Graphic Design from Florida Atlantic University. She has her own multidisciplinary design studio specializing in communication graphics including: identity systems, information graphics, packaging and environmental graphics. She is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Design and the Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

Tan, Sherri

Sherri Tan was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She attended Miami-Dade Community College; received a BA in Multi-media Art/Arts Administration from The Union Institute (Cincinnati, OH); and graduated Summa Cum Laude with an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Miami (Miami, FL). She has participated in numerous exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad and has art works in the collections of Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry (Miami Beach, FL); Arthur & Mata Jaffe Collection, FAU (Boca Raton, FL); and many others. In 2002, 2000, and 1998 she received Artist Access Grants from Tigertail Productions.

Verrecchia, Lea Nickless

Lea Nickless Verrecchia graduated from Scripps College (Claremont, CA) with a BA in Studio Arts. She has worked at Miami-Dade Art in Public Places; The Wolfsonian-FIU (Miami Beach, FL); and The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection (Miami, FL). In 1986, she received the China Adventure Program grant from The Durfee Foundation for a 3-month study program in the People’s Republic of China, which focused on the textiles and costumes of one of China’s ethnic minorities.

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