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Oil tanks and smokestacks aerial photo

Addressing Climate Change in Broward County

The Natural Resources Planning and Management Division Energy and Sustainability Program plays a central role in addressing climate change in Broward. Internally, Division staff participate in the Climate Change Government Operations Work Group looking for opportunities to reduce the carbon emissions caused by County government activities. The Division supports the Broward County Climate Change Task Force focusing on the implementation of strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change at the community level. Finally, staff supports the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact working to address broad issues impacting the four counties of Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

Climate Change Element (CCE) / Land Use Plan (LUP)

The Broward County Commission passed the Climate Change Element into the Broward County Comprehensive Plan and also the Land Use Plan and and Priority Planning Areas Map Amendments.   Climate change concerns and mitigation / adaptation strategies are now incorporated into the Broward County planning process. More...

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Concludes

The Energy and Sustainability Program in concert with other Broward County agencies has successfully implemented the seven tasks associated with the $1.24M in federal stimulus funds provided through the State of Florida under the US Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant.  Grant activities resulted in an estimated 6M Megawatt hours of energy saved and 146,694 metric tonnes of carbon reduced.  More than 160 workshops were held reaching over 15,000 students, residents, contractors and inspectors.  The program truly engaged our municipal partners in collaborating on sustainability in our community, student outreach, and marketing on energy efficiency.  Through the ENERGY SENSE Appliance Rebate Program, we delivered 2,300 County residents $470,000 in appliance rebates, generated more than $2.5 million in economic stimulus and over $140,000 in tax revenues to the South Florida region.

Municipal Green Initiatives Survey Wins 2012 NACO Award

Broward County's Energy and Sustainability Program has won a 2012 Achievement Award by the National Association of Counties (NACO) for their Sustainability in Broward County Florida: Local Government in Action report. The project was noteworthy for its promotion of intergovernmental cooperation and for providing information that facilitates effective public policy making.

Broward County Government Operations - 4th Annual Progress Report

On May 1, 2012, the Broward County Government Operations Fourth Annual Progress Report PDF (486 KB) and Appendix PDF (514 KB), was completed. Broward County government operations FY2011 carbon footprint is 250,255 tonnes eCO2. To meet the established 2015 GHG emission reduction target of 222,099 tonnes, Broward County government must reduce an additional 28,156 tonnes eCO2 from 2011 emission levels. This represents an average annual reduction of 7,039 tonnes.