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Fort Lauderdale Time Laps Traffic
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Penny Facts

Why is the penny surtax important? Broward County is home to 1.9 million residents and welcomes 12.8 million visitors a year. More than 64 households move to Broward each day, gas tax revenues used for transit and road projects are flat or declining, and 50 percent of the air pollution in Broward is caused by vehicle emissions. Our economic vitality depends on our ability to move people, goods and services. But Broward County is built-out which physically constrains the ability to accommodate an approximately 235,000 new residents expected by the year 2040, and the desire to enhance the County's economic base. It also physically and financially constrains the ability to increase road capacity through the construction of additional travel lanes for automobiles.
Broward’s broad 30-year penny surtax plan targets our biggest traffic problems with solutions that will give residents a greater quality of life including:
  • Adaptive traffic signalization resulting in less traffic congestion
  • Intersection improvements including resurfacing, pavement markings, mast arm upgrades, drainage improvements, sidewalk and ADA updates
  • School zone safety improvements
  • Fiber optic network improvements on critical roadways that support new signal technologies
  • Bike lanes, expanded transit system facilities and routes to support new and improved transit service, and possible light rail system
Virtually every resident would benefit in some way by these improvements. ​​​​​​​