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Funding for Countywide Transportation System Improvements

Penny Facts

Why is the penny surtax on the ballot?

Broward County is home to almost 2 million residents and is on target to welcome over 13M visitors in 2018; about 30% of local option sales tax revenues would come from non-County residents. 

Did you know that more than 64 households move to Broward each day? With the growing population coupled with flat or declining gas tax revenues used for transit and road projects, additional surtax revenue can leverage up to $3 billion from federal, state and other sources.

Fifty percent of the air pollution in Broward is caused by vehicle emissions, and by 2030, Broward’s 60+ population will increase 48 percent, nearly half in the 75+ age group. Our economic vitality depends on our ability to move people, goods and services. But Broward County is built-out which physically constrains the ability to accommodate an approximately 235,000 new residents expected by the year 2040, and the desire to enhance the County’s economic base. It also physically and financially limits the ability to increase road capacity through the construction of additional travel lanes for automobiles.

Broward’s broad 30-year penny surtax plan targets our biggest traffic problems and is designed to:

go light
Create Connectivity

Connecting and integrating multiple technologies is key to creating a “smart” grid and “smart” community. The ordinance authorizing the surtax prioritizes projects that create connectivity and demonstrate the ability to reduce congestion.

Relieve Traffic Congestion

Plans incorporate intersection improvements including resurfacing, sidewalk and ADA updates, pavement markings, mast arm upgrades, drainage improvements, more turn lanes and through lanes, light synchronization, and fiber optic network to increase traffic flow and reduce bottlenecks.

Improve transit service
Improve Transit Service

The Plan incorporates full funding for existing Community Shuttles and expanded service, full funding for high-demand, specialized transportation services for persons with disabling conditions (Paratransit), and more reliable, responsive and accessible Transit Service System.

expand the availability of multimodal transportation
Expand the Availability of Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal means creating communities where various ways of getting around – walking, biking, using public transit, skating, driving – are safe and made available. The plan is also designed to add more green, open space for walking, biking, and recreation across the County.



October 11, 2018
$15.6 billion sales tax increase would fuel Broward transportation improvements. (Read Sun-Sentinel story)​

October 10, 2018
County Commission approves Final Regional Mobility & Transportation Enhancements Initiative - Plan includes transportation improvement projects across the County

October 2, 2018
A Penny for Transportation offers local control of funding that will be allocated to eligible transportation projects only. (Read WLRN story)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



 The November 6th ballot includes a transportation question (back of page 3) asking voters whether to levy a 1% local option sales tax funding countywide transportation system improvements. Select play to learn more about the Penny for Transportation plan.