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Air Awareness Month
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
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Air Quality Protection
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Air quality protection is a collaborative effort between federal, state and local governments, the regulated community, and private individuals. The Outreach Planning and Mobile Sources Section (OPAMSS) communicates to the public, information and news related to the regional air quality. OPAMSS educates citizens about proactive measures that can be taken to reduce air pollutants. Targeted outreach is conducted for air licensed facilities, school-age children, educators, senior citizens, municipalities, civic organizations, and sensitive populations. The section administers programs that include: enforcement and compliance of smoking vehicle violations; land-use amendments and air quality planning; climate mitigation, and parking-facility licenses.  Staff also reside on committees and advisory boards for various local, regional and federal planning, transportation, communications, and health organizations and councils on issues related to alternative fuelsclimate change, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emission inventories

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Air Awareness Month

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Car Care Month

Conservation and Climate Change Challenge

Commuter Services

Energy Efficiency

Environmental Stewardship

Climate Change

Kids' Club & Teachers' Resources

Land Use and Air Quality

Marine Diesel Engines

Metropolitan Planning Organization


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Smoking Vehicles

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Southeast Air Coalition
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