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The following documents provide Living Wage Ordinance information for employers and employees.  If there is any conflict between the information contained in these documents and the language in the Living Wage Ordinance, the Living Wage Ordinance shall prevail.  These documents may supplement the specific requirements of the Living Wage Ordinance in order to effectuate its intent.

TopicLast Updated On
2019 Living Wage Rate Poster12/28/2018
Living Wage Ordinance12/31/2018
Living Wage Ordinance Supplemental Special Instructions to Bidders12/15/2015
Living Wage Ordinance Compliance Affidavit Form12/15/2014
Living Wage Ordinance Three Language Statement1/8/2015
Living Wage Ordinance Application for Exemption from Reporting Requirements Form 3/2/2016
Living Wage Summary of Complaint Procedure12/31/2014
Living Wage Complaint Procedure12/31/2014
Living Wage Complaint Form12/31/2014
Administrative Rule - Living Wage Ordinance Complaint Procedures12/31/2014
Living Wage Advisory Board Members3/21/2018

Living Wage Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

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