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Records Management for the Broward County Commission’s Operational Agencies

The Records Center does not serve the General Public. We serve Broward County Agencies. Please contact Agencies directly to request copies of their archived records.

Archival and Records Center Procedures

Introduction and Purpose of this Document

Transmitting Records to the Record Center 

Retrieving Records from the Records Center

Disposal of Records


Introduction and Purpose of This Document: 

These procedures are for the use of Broward County Agencies and not the general publicThe purpose of this document is to provide Broward County Government Departments, Divisions and Offices with basic information about archival procedures. This document is intended to provide procedural information on how to get records belonging to an agency into and out of the archives or the Records Center, located at 1600 W Hillsboro Boulevard, Deerfield Beach, at the southeast corner of the North Regional Courthouse. The regular hours of operation of the Records Center are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; the center is closed for holidays.

Throughout this document, where the term “Agency” is used, this applies to any Broward County Government Section/Division/Department or Office. It should also be noted that many of the procedures described in this document will be revised in the future as the Division continues to upgrade and improve services through new processes and technology. Revised sections will be published when appropriate. Where applicable, “CRD” refers to the “County Records Division “.

Improved Forms in process!The law mandates each Public Agency to establish an active and continuing records management program, comply with the provisions of the law and to designate a Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO). The RMLO for Broward County is the County Records Division (CRD) Records Center Supervisor, whose office is in the Records Center.

Training in records management will be provided to the custodial agencies through individual consultation and training seminars held at the Records Center.

Transmitting Records to the Record Center 

To prepare non-current records for transfer to the Records Center:

  • Place your records in approved Broward County record storage boxes. The care taken in the arrangement and indexing of records in the storage box directly correlates to the ease of records retrieval needs in the future. Record storage boxes can be ordered from the Central Warehouse under commodity code #640250010007. These are the only boxes eligible for storage of documents in the Records Center. Pack the approved record storage boxes no more than 3/4 full. Do not overstuff. We request a max weight of the box of 30 lbs. but less than 30 makes it easier for us to handle and move around.

    Do not include hanging file folders or 3 ring binders in the box.

    Number the boxes by writing the sequential box number on the exterior of the box in the upper left corner on the short or handle end of the box using a black marker.

    Make certain that the total number of boxes indicated on the Transmittal Form 404-21 (Instructions for completion of this form are included in this document) agrees with the total physical count at delivery.
  • Prepare form 404-21 (transmittal and Receipt for Records Storage) and continuation sheets. A copy of this form in PDF format will be available in the near future for downloading from the RCW (Records Center Web Site) or copied from the BC-NET page. The instructions for preparation of this form are included.

    Due to the fact that agencies have different types of records, the agency must determine which records are to be designated as the master record copy. For these master record copies the designation of "A" must be used in the record series number (see 12d on form 404-21) of the Transmittal and Receipt for Records Storage. CAUTION: Great care must be exercised in determining the existence of a duplicate copy designation. The same document may exist in more than one agency and both copies will maintain separate record copy designations, if they serve different functions. Do not rely on another agency to maintain your master records.

    When the Records Center reviews form(s) 404-21 upon receipt and determines that an error has been made in the classification of a record, Records Center Staff will correct the classification on the document of original entry form 404-21 and advise the appropriate Custodian of the correction. If the error is detected by the Custodian or user agency, the correction should be made on the Custodian’s copy of form 404-21 and a copy sent to the Records Center for correction and system updates.

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Do's and Don’ts

Do - Fill out all blocks on form 404-21.

Do - Pack a box no more than 3/4 full. This makes it possible to add a record to a box in the future or search boxes for retrieval purposes, when it becomes necessary. An over packed box will not fit on the shelves and the additional weight increases the risk of workers’ compensation claims.

Do - Attach the Facilities Management Service Requisition form 104 to the Transmittal and Receipt for Records Storage. The Records Center will authorize pickup by signing the form 104 and forwarding it to Facilities Management.

Do - Indicate the record series title in item 12c of the Transmittal, including the date ranges and the record series number in item 12d. These are required data elements and your transmittal will not be approved, if these fields contain other or no information. Only one line can be used for each box on the Transmittal.

Do - Complete an index for the records placed in the record storage boxes. The current Transmittal has two new fields for this purpose. In the future, when it becomes necessary to initiate a retrieval request for records stored at the Records Center, a well planned, consistent, and simple index will be appreciated. Always remember to FILE and INDEX for RETRIEVAL.

Do - Number your boxes by writing a sequential number on the exterior of the box in the upper left corner on the short or handle end of the box using a black marker. Write the number at least three inches down from the top edge of the box so the lid will not cover the number.

Don’t - Indicate an exemption in box 12a without completing box 12b.

Don’t - Add to or omit from the total number of boxes indicated in item 13. of the 404-21. If the transmittal box count does not agree with the physical count at delivery, the shipment will be refused and the boxes will be returned to the sending agency.

Don’t - Over pack a box. The weight limitation of a box is a maximum of 30 pounds. Use common sense in packing a box with the documents to be transmitted. Obviously, agencies do not have scales for weighing. If a box is packed normally or no more than 3/4 full, the box will be acceptable for storage. If it is stuffed with correspondence or other records and the sides and top are bulging, it will be refused by the Records Center and returned to the sending agency for proper re-packing.

Don’t - Include Record Series of different retention periods in the same box.

EX. - GS1- 17A (CORRESPONDENCE & MEMORANDA: ADMINISTRATIVE) and GS1-106A (FEASIBILITY STUDY RECORDS). These records should not go into the same box. The GS1- 17A is a record copy and has a retention period of 3 fiscal years provided applicable audits have been released. The GS1-106A is also a record copy, but it has a retention period of 5 years after completion of the study provided applicable audits have been released.

Don't - Include paper clips, metal fasteners, plastic binders, 3-ring binders, hanging file folders, or rubber bands in the record storage box. Metal rusts, and rubber bands disintegrate. Records that must remain together as a set can be placed in a file folder.

Don’t - Put any writing (other than the box number) or labels on the handle ends of the box.

Retrieving Records From the Records Center 

  1. Generate form 404 -25 (Records Center Retrieval Request). A copy of this form in Excel, Lotus, QuatroPro, or PDF format will be available in the near future for downloading from the RCW or copied from the BC- NET page. However, a copy of this Form in Word Perfect format follows this section. The instructions for preparation of this form are included.
  2. The retrieval request form 404-25 may be faxed to the Records Center or sent via interoffice mail. The Fax number is 831-1438.
  3. The bottom/right portion of this form is for use by Records Center staff. If requested in the comments section, you will be notified by the Records Center when the records are ready for pickup and the notification date will be entered on the Retrieval Request.
  4. When your Custodian or in his or her absence, designee(s)/Records Management Coordinator(s) comes to the Records Center to retrieve the requested records, that person must display a County ID or other authorized agency identification and date, sign, and print his or her name in block 15 at the bottom of the 404-25, if retrieving a file, or on the computer generated routing slip, if retrieving a box.

Records Center staff will write the RC box number and the location identifier on the file folder or the document on all records retrievals. When a box is retrieved, a copy of the routing slip is placed on top of the records in the box. Do not remove the routing slip. If the original folder must be replaced, the RC box number and the location identifier must be written on the new folder. This information is needed to return the records to the original box and location in the Records Center.

The responsibility and liability for return of retrieved records always remain with the custodial agency. The Records Center staff appreciates the timely return of records retrieved by using agencies. If records are not returned, reminders will periodically be sent to the custodial agencies.

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Disposal of Records 

Once records have been transferred to and placed in the care of the Records Center, it is the responsibility of the Records Center to manage the continued retention and schedule those records for destruction.

Transmittal of records to the Records Center is no substitute for disposition of records. Every record series title has a corresponding retention period assigned to it. If an agency retains a record beyond its retention period, that action incurs wasteful expenditures of tax dollars, extends the public’s right to know, and prolongs the agency’s liability for that record. We also have a critical space situation at the Record Center.

When records have met their recommended retention period, the Records Center will forward a preliminary destruction list of these records to the agency Custodian.

Based on the information obtained from the preliminary destruction list, the Records Center will generate a Destruction Authorization Memo and a Destruction Detail Listing and a Records Disposition Request indicating destruction, and forward this package to the agency Custodian. The Custodian must sign and date the Destruction Authorization Memo. The Custodian must also sign and date the Records Disposition Request form in block #6 and return both forms to the Records Center. The agency may retain the Destruction Detail Listing as back up to the Records Disposition Request.

Electronic Forms and Schedules 

All Records Center Forms, procedures manual, and General Records Schedules are available through the BC-Net or the County Records Division web site. Agencies that do not have Internet access, but have GROUPWISE access, can have these documents E-mailed to them. For those that do not have Internet or E-mail, please send a formatted blank diskette to the Records Center with a request for specific forms or schedules. Be sure to include an agency name, contact name, and telephone number with the request.