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Broward County EasyPay
Welcome to Broward County easyPay!

easyPay is Broward County’s payroll system of the future! easyPay brings the many systems and processes that result in a Broward County employee’s paycheck under one umbrella, and offers an easy way to communicate changes about them.

In the News

easyPay Phase I Agencies Enjoy a Smooth Takeoff; No Turbulence Reported

John Bruno, Kent George, Paul Cissell, Alison Redmond, Kevin Kelleher, and Al Nunez

Getting ready for the Go-Live at Aviation are (left to right): John Bruno, ETS director, Kent George, Aviation Director, Paul Cissell, Accounting Assistant Director, Alison Redmond, ETS Project Manager, Kevin Kelleher, Human Resources Director and Al Nunez, Supervisor of Facilities and Aviation Maintenance West.

An exciting and historic milestone was achieved yesterday as Phase I agencies went live with easyPay, the County’s new time and attendance system. Employees in Aviation, ETS, County Administration, FASD Administration and Payroll Central indicate that easyPay’s takeoff went as planned with no real turbulence experienced during the flight or landing. The incredible preparation and attention to detail by the project implementation team and agency staff made easyPay’s debut a huge success and a model to follow for future introductory phases of easyPay. Special shout out to easyPay’s dedicated super star employee teams- Technical Team, Testing Team, Training Team, and Project Team for a well-coordinated and executed launch. Congratulations, to all Phase I agencies, supervisors, payroll liaisons and employees for embracing easyPay and doing an outstanding job. Questions?

Rose Johnson



Rose Johnson, FASD, shares a smile on her first day of easyPay.

County’s Time and Attendance System Gets a Makeover

The old clock and paper time cards.

The old clock and paper time cards.

On Monday, April 13, easyPay enjoyed a successful introduction at Aviation, ETS, FASD Administration, County Administration and Payroll Central. Over the past several weeks supervisors, payroll liaisons and employees have been learning all there is to know about easyPay paving the way for a smooth transition. For the next several pay periods, or until notified otherwise, employees will continue to turn in paper time sheets and leave slips in tandem along with implementing the new easyPay time and attendance system. To appreciate the transition from the old attendance system to the new, check out the before and after pictures taken at Aviation’s Maintenance Facility on the east side.

The new easyPay Time Clock


 The new easyPay Time Clock.

 Speakers Bureau Team Continues Successful Outreach Effort

Speakers Bureau Team

RTT prepares for the Speakers Bureau. 

The Speakers Bureau Team* continues to maintain a busy calendar providing over 33 presentations to more than 1,000 employees. One common question employees across various agencies ask is “Will a line form while I am checking in or checking out of the time clock?” A great deal of investigation was done to determine the proper quantity of clocks to order. However, the time clock introduction is a work in progress. If you experience a wait report it so it can be addressed. If you would like the Speakers Bureau Team to visit your workplace and address your questions, ask your supervisor to email

*Matt Constantine, Rita McManus, Nina Moore, Wendy Novack and Phyllis King of PKING Consulting, Inc. Jessica Palencia, Rebecca Robertson, Allen Wilson

 A Word From Our Employees    Featured Video

Vishal SinghVishal Singh
Accounting Division/Payroll Central
“It walks you through the different colors that are used to identify discrepancies on the time card. It helps you understand how to identify missing punches, or unexcused absences, in order to correct them and process the time card for the current pay period. More…

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A fun, celebratory video recognizing the First Anniversary of ERP with a focus on easyPay. The video highlights major easyPay achievements and features several team members.

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