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Tools and Accessories

#2 [Paint brushes]
[Water glass filled with paint brushes, tongue depressors, crayons, stylus, etc.] n.d.
wood, fiber, metal
14 x 7.5 cm.

#3 [Oil paints]
[Small white plastic bucket filled with 18 tubes of oil paints] n.d.
aluminum tubes, oil paint, plastic, mixed media. 12 x 14 cm.

#4 [Eye glasses and watches]
[Small white plastic bucket; filled with eye glasses, sun glasses, and watches] n.d.
glass, plastic, metal
15 x 19 cm.

#5 [Tools, brushes, nails, etc]
[Small green plastic bucket with handle filled with sculpture tools, paint brushes, sand paper, nails, scissors, etc.] n.d.
wood, fiber, metal, paper
18 x 23 cm.

#6 [Tool box]
Handy Andy Carpenters Tool Chest. Chicago, IL: Skil-Craft Corp., 1975.
wood, metal, paper
9 x 27.5 cm.

#7 [Mallet]
wood. 24 x 8 cm.

#8 [Goggles]
[Plastic goggles]. n.d.
plastic, rubber.
6.5 x 17.5 cm.

#9 [Air filter mask]
[Chemical air filter mask with chemical cartridges]. n.d.
U.S.: American Optical Corp.
mixed media
17 x 22 cm.

#10 [Eyeballs]
[Group of glass and synthetic eyeballs]. n.d.
glass, polyester resin
various sizes

#11 [False teeth]
[Two sets of false teeth]. n.d.
polyester resin, silver
various sizes

#12 [Wigs and hairpieces]
[Wig and three hairpieces]. n.d.
synthetic fiber, plastic
various sizes