Modern Rare Books II:
Artists’ Books from the
Mata and Arthur Jaffe Collection

Allix, Susan. A flora: words about flowers from sixteen authors, with prints.

Allix, Susan
A flora: words about flowers from sixteen authors, with prints. London, England: Susan Allix, 1992.
1 v. (unpaged); 34 x 26.5 cm.
[Edition: #19 of 26]

[...printed by intaglio and relief printmaking methods, and finished by hand colouring. The letterpress is hand set and printed in 24 point Bembo, 48 point Caslon, and 42 point Caslon Old Face Italic. Also, Hellenic Caps, Granby Light, and Spartan. ...printed on Richard de Bas hand-made paper, 180 gsm. Velin Blanc Narcisse and Inclusion Florales. The special sheets and interleaving are made by hand in Japan. ... The watercolours and illuminated pages are on vellum or Saunders Waterford paper. Bound in Japanese paper over boards with green leather onlays and wood].

Allix, Susan
Pyramids: an account by Herodotus.
London, England: Susan Allix, 1995.
1 v. (unpaged); 17 x 12 cm.
[Edition: #12 of 12]
[...printed letterpress in 14 pt. Centaur on Fabriano Artistico 200 gsm. paper. Signed by the artist. Bound in red goatskin, python skin, and cloth. In box of red cloth and leather].

Allix, Susan
Tudor poetry and the Renaissance: Sir Thomas Wyatt, Francesco Petrarca: sonnets & lyric poems in English and Italian.
Wyatt, Thomas, Sir, 1503?-1542.
Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374.
London, England: [s.n.], 1989.
[44] leaves (2 folded); 38 x 29 cm.
[Edition: 30 copies. This is an artist’ proof]

[The English text is taken from the Egerton and Devonshire manuscripts in the British Library. The Italian text is from the Vatican manuscript 3195, which is reproduced in Il Canzoniere di Francesco Petrarca: Società Filologica Romana. Rome 1904. The letterpress is hand set in 18 point Plantin, with titles in Plantin and Cheltenham Bold. The edition is printed on Saunders `Waterford’ all rag paper; the text on 190 gsm. sheets, and the etchings on 300 gsm. sheets. Red goatskin binding, with inlays and onlays in various colors, by the artist. Title stamped on spine. In red velvet lined box with gilt picture frame and plastic on front cover].

Allix, Susan. 12 verses from The Day-Dream by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Allix, Susan
12 verses from The Day-Dream by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
London, England: Susan Allix, 1995.
1 v. (unpaged); 17 x 15 cm.
[Edition: #11 of 17]

[...set in 18 point Verona Italic with titling in Mercury, and it is printed letterpress on Somerset mould made 250 gsm. paper. The lino cuts have been coloured freehand and with pochoir, by the artist. Signed by the artist. Bound in brown morocco. On covers and spine are abstract onlays and painted paper. In cathedral shaped cloth box lined with velvet].

Baskin, Leonard
Diptera: a book of flies & other insects.
[Leeds, MA]: Gehenna Press, 1983.
[7] p., 33 etchings, 1 water color; 30.5 x 22 cm.
[Edition: 45 copies: this is an artist’s copy]
[Etchings by Leonard Baskin. Note by Jose Yglesias. Forty five copies ... were printed at the Gehenna Press. The etchings were printed from the original plates on divers English hand-made papers. ... All copies have some watercolor in-painting. The work was completed in the spring of 1983. ... Signed by the artist. Bound in full morocco leather and laid in a marble paper covered box].

Baskin, Leonard
Jewish artists of the Early & Late Renaissance: a book of etchings & words by Leonard Baskin.
[Leeds, MA]: Gehenna Press, 1993.
[17] leaves of plates; 30.5 x 24 cm.
[Edition: #23 of 26]

[The great `J’ on the title page is the work of John E. Benson of Newport, Rhode Island. Hosea Baskin composed the Spectrum types & printed the letterpress on Gehenna’s middle-sized Albion hand-press. The copperplates were printed by Michael Kuch; all color is printed. A variety of european hand-made papers were used. The book was hand-bound by Claudia Cohen of Easthampton, Mass. The edition is arranged as follows: copies 1-8 have a second suite of the prints, a drawing & one of the copperplates. Copies 9-26 comprise the regular edition. Copies lettered a-j are hors commerce, intended for the collaborators. Each page signed and numbered by the artist. Full morocco leather binding with inlayed abstract design in purple, green, and light green on front and back covers and spine. Title in gilt on cover, gilt design on front and back covers. G.P. in gilt on spine. In box].

Bell, Lilian A.
Concrete paper: cobalt depths/caged rocks.
[U.S.: Lilian A. Bell, 1992]
1 maquette; folded; 36 x 28 x 14 cm., unfolded; 36 x 96 x 5 cm.
[Edition: #1 of 1]

[`Maquette for visual places’ series. Color & b&w photocopies, cast paper, foam core, mat board, Styrofoam, wire, and acrylic paint]

Blocker, Mare
The banner line.
Ames Lake, WA: M Kimberly Press, 1991.
[6] folded leaves; 29 x 18 cm., box, 31 x 19.5 cm.
[Edition: #1 of 1]
[Gouache and pencil on paper. Opens to form a circus tent. Black embossed box has a circus tent and the words: `Enter here’ on front cover]

Blocker, Mare
Big cats.
Ames Lake, WA: M Kimberly Press, 1989.
5 folded plates; 25 x 20 cm
[Edition #1 of 1]
[In sequined box]

Chen, Julie. Radio silence.

Chen, Julie
Radio silence.

Berkeley, CA: Flying Fish Press, 1995.
1 v. (unpaged, accordion fold); 13 x 18 cm.; box, 27.5 x 9 x 6 cm.
[Edition: #41 of 75]

[Designed and printed by Julie Chen using an assortment of letterpress techniques. Papers include Wyndstone Mica and Tuxedo bronze, found aeronautical charts, and embossed paper designed by Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand at Icosa Studio. In silk covered box with plastic front lid].

Cummins, Maureen
Phantasies of a love thief: an eleventh century Sanskrit lyric poem.
New York: Inanna Press, 1994.
1 v. (unpaged); 20.5 x 45 cm.
[Edition: #17 of 30]

[Translated & with an introduction by Barbara Stoler Miller; illustrated by Maureen Cummins. ...completed & bound during the onset of Spring, 1994. It is printed letterpress on snow-white Sekishu and bound in black Japanese silk. The text is Zapf Civilité, with titling calligraphy by Jerry Kelly. Blockprint illustrations by Maureen Cummins and hand-binding by Kathy Hyde. Signed by the artist. In box].

Cunningham, Carol
Dance circle.

Mill Valley, CA: Sunflower Press, 1990.
[27] p.; 7.5 x 6.5 cm.
[Edition: #14 of 15 deluxe copies]

[Written, designed and printed letterpress... This is one of fifteen deluxe copies in a special binding by [Joseph] D’Ambrosio. Signed by the artist and binder].

Cunningham, Carol

Mill Valley, CA: Sunflower Press, 1983.
1 v. (unpaged); 6 x 7 x 2.5 cm.; box, 6.5 x 7.5 x 3 cm.
[Edition: #57 of 115, and 10 artist’s proofs]

[...designed, illustrated & printed from handset type on Arches paper... The mask inset into the cover of this book was hand made by Anita Walden. Its design is based on the demon figures found in Chinese and Japanese theater. The design and creation of the book’s binding come from the inventive mind of my good friend Joe D’Ambrosio. Signed by the artist].

DAmbrosio, Joe. Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ka) and the Saguaro (Sa-wah-row) Cactus (a twice-told tale).

D’Ambrosio, Joe
Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ka) and the Saguaro (Sa-wah-row) Cactus (a twice-told tale).
Phoenix: D’Ambrosio, 1996.
51 p.; 22 x 13.5 cm.
[Edition: #30 of 125]

[...has been letterpress printed on two colors of Confetti paper using a Vandercook No. 4 printing press, Antique No. 14 type, and handmade “paper” printing plates, and a multitude of printing inks. Pyramid motif binding of fabric and paper. In box].
Above: #18 Oaxaca and the Saguaro Cactus by Joe D’Ambrosio.

Frasconi, Antonio
On the slain collegians: selections from the poems of Herman Melville.
New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1971.
1 v. (unpaged); 24 x 18 cm.
[Edition: #726 of 1000]
[Signed by the artist. In dustjacket].

Frasconi, Antonio
1 lithograph; 45.5 x 32 cm., framed, 64 x 50 cm.

[From: On the slain collegians]

Gershuni, Moishe
[The Donkey].

[Israel: Moishe Gershuni, 1989?]
[11] folded leaves; 11 x 11 cm.
[Edition:#1 of 30]
[Poetry by Aaron Shabtai. Text in Hebrew. In wooden box with brass hinges].

Goldstein, Daniel. Between two wars.

Goldstein, Daniel
Between two wars.

Rexroth, Kenneth.
Athens, OH: Labyrinth Editions; San Francisco: CA: Iris Press, 1982.
1 v. (unpaged); 39.5 x 28.5 cm.
[Edition: #21 of 140]

[This book was designed & printed by Richard Bigus of Labyrinth Editions, Athens, Ohio. The illustrations by Daniel Goldstein of the Iris Press, San Francisco, California, were printed primarily from photomechanical magnesium engravings. The type is 18-point Van Dijck Roman & Italic designed by Jan Van Krimpen in 1935 ...; the initials and the titling are Castellar; the introduction and interview were set in 13-point Monotype Van Dijck; the book was printed letterpress using a Vandercook proofing press. The paper was handmade by Bob Serpa of Imago Hand Paper Mill. The decorative cover paper was made by the illustrator. All copies are signed by the printer, artist, and Bradford Morrow. ... In box].

Horton, David
Celestial wondering.

[U.S.: David Horton, 1994]
1 v. (unpaged); folded, 23 x 23 x 14 cm.
[An edition of 5; 4 for sale]

[An 8-page accordion folded structure of wood with photo illustrations. Monofilament and string suspend 4 pop-up events. A comet is lit in the far right panel. The wood frames are painted with acrylic. Housed in a purple velvet draw string bag, with second small bag for the electrical cord and converter. ...created for an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute Libraries].

Johnson, Paul
To the land of beyond.
[S.l.: Paul Johnson, 1995].
[2] folded leaves; 28 x 35 cm.
[Edition:#1 of 1].
[Pop-up, multicolored abstract design. Decorative paper binding over board with dyed strings for closure].

Kellner, Tatana
71125: fifty years of silence: Eve Kellner’s story.
[New York]: Tatana Kellner, 1992.
1 v. (unpaged); 31 x 50 cm.
[Edition: #6 of 40].

[This project is made possible in part through the Decentralization Program of NYSCA administered by the Dutchess County Arts Council. Text paper has been provided by Mohawk Paper Mill. Die cutting was done by Rylance Printing. Three dimensional arm, cast in hand made paper from the arm of the author’s mother, each page is die cut. Text in Czech and English. Spiral bound and housed in a white pine box with the number 71125 on cover].

King, Ronald
Anansi Company: a collection of thirteen hand-made wire and card rod-puppets animated in colour and verse by Ronald King & Roy Fisher.
[London, England]: Circle Press, 1992.
[15] folded leaves; 40 x 30 x 11 cm., box 45 x 34 x ll.5 cm.
[Edition: #14 of 120]

[The puppets, which are made from hand-bent brass wire and card, measure 30 cms... ...silk-screened, hand stencilled and letterpressed by Ronald King at Circle Press onto Arches rag-made paper supplied by John Purcell Paper. Jessica King and Jona...were responsible for the construction of the puppets and Nick Gardner for the assembly of the ties and pockets which hold the puppets in place. The box was designed by the artist and made up by Perstell Bookbinders ltd Wimborne. The type is Walbaum Monotype 374. Signed by the artist and author]

Kowalsky, Elaine. Heart rendering stuff: (and other stories).

Kowalsky, Elaine
Heart rendering stuff: (and other stories).
London, England: Elaine Kowalsky, 1988.
[15] leaves; 22 x 38 cm.
[Edition: #3 of 12]

[The lithographs and silk screens were drawn and printed by Elaine Kowalsky in Leeds. The pop-ups were designed and the book bound by Charles Gledhill in London. In box].
#30 Novus Atlas Coelestis by Carlos Macià.

Lavater, Warja
Le petit Chaperon Rouge.

[Paris]: Adrien Maeght Editeur, n.d.
[1] folded sheet; 16.5 x 11.5 cm.
[Accordion format].

Lawrence, Jacob

Hersey, John
New York: Limited Editions Club, 1983.
1 v. (unpaged); 33 x 25 cm.
[Edition: #1234 of 1500]

[....printed by Bruce Chandler and Daniel Keleher at the Wild Carrot Letterpress in Hadley, Massachusetts. The book was designed by Ben Shiff. The test was hand set in Foundry Optima Medium at the Golgonooza Letter Foundry, Ashuelot Village, New Hampshire. The eight original silkscreens were printed in eleven colors at The Studio Heinrici Ltd., New York City. The book was full bound in black aniline leather at Robert Burlen & Son. Signed by the artist, John Hersey, and Robert Penn Warren].

Macià, Carlos
Novus Atlas Coelestis.

[S.l.]: Carlos Macià, 1992.
1 v. (unpaged); 42 x 30 cm.
[Edition: #1 of 1]
[Bound in vellum. Signed by the artist].

Michaelis, Catherine

[S.l: Catherine Michaelis, n.d.]
[1] folded leaf; 10.5 x 8 cm., box, 11.5 x 9 x 3 cm.
[Edition: #32 of 35]
[Opens to form a Japanese kimono]

Mitchell, Joan
Smoke: [poems by Charles Hine; sugarlift and spitbite aquatints [by] Joan Mitchell].
San Francisco: Limestone Press, 1989.

16 folded leaves in portfolio; folded, 36 x 23 cm.; unfolded, 36 x 46 cm.
[Edition: #24 of 80, plus 10 proof copies]

[...sixteen diptych etchings ... The poems ... were set in 12 pt. Bodoni monotype and hand-printed from a flatbed press. The etchings and poems were printed...on Arches 280 gm paper. The edition consists of 90 books. ... Books 11-70 are presented in folio in a hand-made box and are signed by the artist and writer on the colophon page].

Morrison, Lois
Dark Ahab; Herman Melville.

[S.l]: Lois Morrison, 1992.
[8] leaves; 23 x 22 cm.
[Edition #1 of 2]

[Heavily edited from the last sentences of the chapters of Moby Dick. Embroidered batik and appliqued fabric with sequins and tin figures, held together with thread and buttons; in a four-fold batik box in miniature pillow case].

Nakiyama, Kaiko
Japanese flowers.

Tokyo: Kaiko Nakiyama, 1948.
[1] folded leaf; 2 x 3 cm.
[Edition: #1 of 1?]

[Miniature accordion book with twelve flowers hand painted in water color on Japanese paper. In paper slip].

Nicastri, Joe & Sherry Tan
Vision of Hell.

[U.S.: Joe Nicastri & Sherry Tan, 1995]
1 mixed media sculptural book; 40 x 38 x 24 cm.
[Edition: #1 of 1]

[Two antique books with collage and polymer fresco, glass base]

O’Banion, Nance
Domestic science: idioms.

Berkeley, CA: Flying Fish Press, 1990.
[50] p.; 30.5 x 16 cm.
[Edition: #87 of 150]

[Printed on both sides of a continuous strip with additional leaves attached, folded accordion style and laid loose in a box. The “idioms” appear on one side of the strip, the “pop-up icons” on the other. Added title page has subtitle: Pop-up icons. Signed by the artist. In decorated case]

Schwartzott, Carol
Haiku poems.

Niagara Falls, NY: Carol Schwartzott, 1993.
1 v. (unpaged); 11.5 x 12 cm.
[Edition: #7 of 50]

[Concertina fold-out with individual signatures stitched to the spine. Each signature contains an Haiku poem and illustrations on Japanese art paper. Bound in Japanese paper and boxed in a Lucite case]

Stankiewicz, Steven
[U.S.: Steven Stankiewicz, 1994]
1 v. (unpaged); 31 x 24 cm.
[Edition: #4 of 10, and 3 artist’s proofs]

[...printed in 1994 by Steven Stankiewicz and Marjorie Van Dyke, and bound by Judith Ivry. It consists of 64 etchings printed on 280 gram white Rives BFK 100% rag paper. Embossed copper and cloth binding]

Stearns, Virginia. Dreambook I.

Stearns, Virginia
Dreambook I.

[U.S.]: Virginia Stearns, 1984.
[14] leaves; 40 x 30 cm.
[Edition: #1 of 1]
[Paintings and collages on hand made and commercial papers]

Van Vliet, Claire.
Dido and Aeneas: an opera perform’d at Mr. Josias Priest’s boarding-school at Chelsey by young gentlewomen.
Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695.
Newark, VT: Janus Press; Bangor, ME: Theodore Press, 1998.
[38] p.; 38 x 17 cm.
[Edition: #41 of 150]

[The words by Mr. Nahum Tate; the musick composed by Mr. Henry Purcell. Signed by Claire Van Vliet. A deluxe edition of the libretto, which is based on Virgil’s Aeneid. “300th anniversary publication, April 1989. The first edition of Nahunm Tate’s libretto...was probably distributed to the audience at the 1st performance...in April 1689. The text was prepared, typographically designed & handset...by Michael Alpert at the Theodore Press in Bangor, Maine. Printed at the Janus Press in Newark, Vermont by Michael Alpert & Claire Van Vliet...The book structure and box were designed by Claire Van Vliet”.

Consists of printing and art work on one side of a folded strip and on leaves attached to the strip, in a box containing a pocket holding a compact disc recording of the opera and an empty 2nd pocket to accommodate any other compact disc. “The book can be stood in a line or in a star-circle shape”].

Ward, Lynd

[Lincoln, MA: Penmaen Press, 1978.
1 broadside; 61.5 x 35 cm., in frame, 79 x 53 cm.
[Edition: #29 of 300]

[The text is Part II of HOWL, copyright 1956, 1959 by Allen Ginsberg. Original wood engraving... printed on French Rives paper... Signed by the artist and poet].

Weier, Debra
A Merz sonata.
Rothenberg, Jerome.
[Easthampton, MA: Emanon Press; Rosendale, NY: Women’s Studio Workshop, 1985.
[23] p.; 29.5 x 21 cm.
[Edition: 50 copies numbered 450 to 500. This is #463]

[...The type, handset Futura, was Schwitters’ favorite typeface. Debra Weier did the two multiple-plate etchings, four type-high line plates & rubber stamp drawings. ... Carol Joyce bound the book, printed on Rives BFK with special handmade endpapers. ...]

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