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With the exhibition FORWARD! MARCH!, the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts brings to the South Florida viewing public approximately 700 lifelike and detailed toy soldiers, along with related books, auction catalogs, magazines, packages, artifacts, and art works from the collection of Frank Steffens of Hollywood, Florida.

Frank Steffens graduated from the Business School of St. Johns University, New York, became a certified public accountant (CPA), and spent the rest of his career as a chief financial officer in Florida. Currently, he is a retired financial executive and a Director and Chairman of the Board of Memorial Health System of Broward Inc., a community support not-for-profit corporation affiliated with Memorial Hospital of Hollywood, Florida. He and his wife Rita have lived in Broward County since 1959, and have three grown children who also live in the area. Additionally, he is a Life Member of the Veterans of the Seventh (107th Infantry) Regiment.

The Bienes Center is honored to present this very personal selection of items from Frank Steffen’s collection of toy soldiers. Special thanks go to he and his wife, Rita, for the time and labor they contributed in helping to select, organize, and layout the exhibition, and to Peggy Bing, the Bienes Center cataloger/curator, for helping to edit the catalog and install the exhibition.

James A. Findlay, Librarian
Bienes Center for the Literary Arts