A Disease Called Freedom

All items in the exhibition belong to Derrick Joshua Beard.
When appropriate, the format and date appear first, followed by the artist/author/ subject, title, edition statement, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, pagination, size (height by width by depth), and notes.

# 70


Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896
Little Eva: the flower of the South.
– New York: Published by Phil. J. Cozans, 107 Nassau St., N.Y., Stereotyped by Vincent L. Dill, 128 Fulton St., 1850-1859? – 8 p. : col. ill.; 22.5 x 14.5 cm. – (Aunt Mary’s Picture Book).
[This copy mis-bound: i.e., p. 5-8, [1]-4. – Publisher and series from cover. – Attributed to Stowe; based on characters in Uncle Tom’s cabin.– Wood-engraved illustrations are hand-colored.– Some illustrations signed: Baldwin, N.Y. Others and title vignette signed: Smith.– Ornamental border frames each page.– Publisher’s advertisements on back cover. – Printed paper cover]

# 70

[Book, 1847]
The anti-slavery alphabet. – Philadelphia: Printed for the Anti-Slavery Fair, 1847. – 16 p. : ill.; 17 x 10.5 cm.
[Merrihew & Thompson, Printers, 7 Carter’s alley. – PARTIAL CONTENTS: A is an Abolitionist–A man who wants to free The wretched slave– and give to all An equal liberty. – B is a Brother with a skin Of somewhat darker hue, But in our Heavenly Father’s sight, He is as dear as you. – C is the Cotton-field, to which This injured brother’s driven, When, as the white man’s slave, he toils From early morn till even... – Printed paper cover]

[Book, 1857]
The child’s book of slavery; or, slavery made plain. – Cincinnati: American Reform Tract and Book Society, 1857. – 143 p., + [4] p. of adv.: ill., 15 x 10 cm.
[PARTIAL CONTENTS: The Design. – Have you seen Slavery? – The number of Slaves. – The Duty of learning about Slavery. – Does Color make Slavery? – What is a Slave? – Slaves can not own any thing... – Stamped cloth binding]


[Ambrotype, ca. 1850]
Mayer, J.S. – 349 Canal St. [New Orleans]
[Freewoman of color with book]

Cased image, 1/6 plate
9.5 x 8.5 cm.

[Ambrotype, ca. 1859]
Mayer, J.S. – 349 Canal St. [New Orleans]
[Freewoman of color]

Cased image, 1/6 plate
9.5 x 8.5 cm.


[Albumen print, ca. 1863]
O’Sullivan, Timothy H., 1840-1882
[Civil War stable hands]

19 x 23.5 cm.

[Stereo view card, ca. 1863]
Brady & Co., Washington
Photographic History: The War for the Union: War views, Slave Pen, Alexandria, Va., No. 2296

8 x 17.5 cm.
[?Published by E. & H.T. Anthony & Co., American and Foreign Stereoscopic Emporium, 501 Broadway, New-York. Negative by Brady & Co., Washington” – on verso]

[Tintype, ca. 1865]
[Civil War soldier]
Cased image, 1/6 plate
9.5 x 8 cm.

# 76

[Pin, ca. 1865-1910]
Ready and forward [Buffalo Soldiers]
Polychromed brass. 2.5 x 2.5 cm.

[Pin, ca. 1865-1910]
24 E [24th Infantry, Company E?]
Brass. 4 x 6 cm.

[Pin, ca. 1865-1910]
25 E [25th Infantry, Company E?]
Brass. 4 x 6 cm.

[Cabinet card, ca. 1870?]
[Buffalo soldier with cigar]
14 x 9.5 cm.

[Book, 1891]
Emilio, Luis F. (Luis Fenollosa), b. 1844
History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, 1863-1865 / by Luis E. Emilio. – Boston: Boston Book Company, 1891. – xvi, 410 p. : portraits, maps ; 22 x 15.5 cm.
[Cover title: A brave Black regiment. – CONTENTS: p. [xiii]. – LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS: p. [xv]. – “It is twenty-six years since our Civil War ended...” p. [vii]. – “...while the men of the Fifty-fourth shared the courage and patriotism which characterized all our citizen soldiery, they also represented more conspicuously, perhaps, than any other colored regiment the political policy of emancipation into which the war forced us, and the interesting military experience embodied in the organization, from a mob of freed slaves, of a disciplined and effective army of two hundred thousand men.” – p. viii-ix. – Pressed cloth binding]

[Book, 1902]
Cashin, Herschel V.
Under fire with the Tenth U.S. Cavalry: being a brief, comprehensive review of the Negro’s participation in the wars of the United States: especially showing the valor and heroism of the Negro soldiers ...: thrilling episodes interestingly narrated by officers and men...: a purely military history of the Negro
/ by Herschel V. Cashin ... ; with introduction by Major- Gen. Joseph Wheeler. – Chicago: American Publishing House, 352, 354, 356 Dearborn Street, 1902. – 361 p. : ill. ; 20.5 x 15 cm.
[CONTENTS: p. [vii]-xi. – INTRODUCTION / Joseph Wheeler. – p. [xiii]-xv. – “[The book] ... was written for the purpose of telling the Negro’s story of the Cuban campaign. It is, therefore, made up of testimony which has come directly from the lips of those Negro soldiers who actually participated in the struggle for humanity in the Island of Cuba.” – p. iv. – Stamped pictorial cloth cover].


[Book, 1864]
Colyer, Vincent
Report of the services rendered by the freed people to the United States Army, in North Carolina, in the spring of 1862, after the Battle of Newbern
/ by Vincent Colyer. – New York: Published by Vincent Colyer, No. 105 Bleeker Street, 1864. – 63, i.e., [64] p. : ill. : 23.5 x 14.5 cm.
[INDEX: p. [64]. – ILLUSTRATIONS: p. [64] . – PARTIAL CONTENTS: Ability of Scouts, or inefficiency of Guards. – An Escape without Discouragement. – Arrival of Freed People...]

[Marriage certificate, 1868]
Marriage Certificate, State of Kentucky, Fleming County . . . 1868.

Paper, ink
13 x 20.5 cm.
[Before Emancipation it was illegal for slaves to marry. After Emancipation ex-slaves legally married in large numbers]

[Child’s rocking chair, 1870-1880]
Kunze, William, [active 1850-1880]
[Child’s side chair]

Wood, bark
55 x 39 x 52 cm.
William Kunze was born a slave and was trained as a craftsman by his German born master. Kunze took his master’s name when he was freed.

[Pin, ca. 1870]
B.M. Robbins, Maker, Attleboro, Mass., U.S.A.
National Ex-Slave Mutual Relief Bounty & Pension Assn. of the USA

[Crescent moon with star]
3.5 dia.

[Print, 1872]
The first Colored Senator and Representatives in the 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States.
New York: Published by Currier & Ives, 125 Nassau Street, 1872?
Paper, ink. 30 x 39.5 cm.
[Pictured are: U.S. Senator H.R. Revels, of Mississippi; Benj. S. Turner, M.C. of Alabama, Josiah T. Walls, M.C. of Florida; Joseph H. Rainy, M.C. of S. Carolina; R. Brown Elliot, M.C. of S. Carolina; Robert C. De Large, M.C. of S. Carolina; Jefferson H. Long, M.C. of Georgia. – “Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1872 by Currier & Ives, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington”]

[Book, 1885]
Williams, George Washington, 1849-1891
History of the Negro race in America from 1619 to 1880: Negroes as slaves, as soldiers, and as citizens, together with a preliminary consideration of the unity of the human family, an historical sketch of Africa, and an account of the Negro governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia
/ by George W. Williams. – Popular ed. – New York; London: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1885, c1882. – 2 v. in 1 (481, 611 p.) : ill. ; 24 x 16 cm.
[Frontispiece: portrait of Williams. – “First Colored member of the Ohio Legislature, and late Judge Advocate of the Grand Army of the Republic of Ohio, etc.” – on T-p. – Cloth binding].

[Book, 1888?]
Crowther, Samuel, 1806?-1891
Page, Jesse
Samuel Crowther, the slave boy who became bishop of the Niger
/ by Jesse Page.– 4th ed. – New York; Chicago; Toronto: Fleming H. Revell Company, [1888?]–xii, [13]-160 p. : ill. ; 19.5 x 13 cm.
[Frontispiece: portrait of Crowther. – CONTENTS: p. [xi]-xii. – Pictorial cloth binding]

[Book, 1895]
Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1908
Majors and minors: poems
/ by Paul Lawrence Dunbar. – Toledo, Ohio: Hadley & Hadley, Printers and Binders, 1895. – 148 p.; 18.5 x 14 cm.
[TABLE OF CONTENTS: p. [145]-148. – Decorative endpapers. – Cloth binding]

[Book, 1895]
Johnson, Edward A. (Edward Austin), 1860-1944
A school history of the Negro race in America from 1619 to 1890, with a short introduction as to the origin of the race: also a short sketch of Liberia
/ by Edward A. Johnson. – Rev. ed. – Raleigh, NC ; 1895. – vii, 9-200 p. : ill. ; 20.5 x 14 cm.
[“During my experience of eleven years as a teacher, I have often felt that the children of the race ought to study some work that would give them a little information on the many brave deeds and noble characters of their own race” – Preface, p. iii. – PARTIAL CONTENTS: II: Beginning of Slavery in the Colonies. – XI: Negro Soldiers in Revolutionary Times. – XVII: Nat. Turner and Others who Struck for Freedom. – XXVII: Reconstruction–1865-68... INDEX: p. 197-200. – Stamped cloth binding]

[Book, 1900?]
Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915
A new Negro for a new century: an accurate and up-to-date record of the upward struggles of the Negro race: the Spanish-American War, causes of it; vivid descriptions of fierce battles; superb heroism and daring deeds of the Negro soldier: “Colored officers or no colored soldiers”, the closing of the War and the peace treaty: education, industrial schools, colleges, universities and their relationship to the race problem
/ by Prof. Booker T. Washington. – Chicago, IL: American Publishing House, [1900?] – 428 p. : ill. ; 20.5 x 15 cm.
[“Reconstruction and industrial advancement / by N.B. Wood, the Historian. – on T-p. – The colored woman and her part in race regeneration: the names and location of the clubs in the National Association of Colored Women of the United States and their benefits to our sisters in Black/ by the famous club woman, writer and author, Frannie Barrier Williams. – on T- p. – CONTENTS: p. [7]. – ILLUSTRATIONS: p. 9-10. – Pictorial cloth binding with photograph of Booker T. Washington].

[Book, 1903]
Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1908
Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute (Va.). Camera Club
Armstrong, Margaret, 1867-1944
When Malindy sings [poems]
/ by Paul Laurence Dunbar; illustrated with photographs by the Hampton Institute Camera Club; decorations by Margaret Armstrong. – New York: Dodd Mead and Co., 1903. – 144 p. : ill.; 22.5 x 15.5 cm.
[Frontispiece: photograph of old man. – Title page, half-title, and floral borders in pale greenish blue; signed “MA”. Medium brown diagonal fine rib cloth binding, with green, red, cream and gilt floral and lattice panel, gilt lettering, signed “MA”, i.e, Margaret Armstrong; motif repeated on spine in green and pink]

[Book, 1905]
Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1908
Miner, Leigh Richmond, 1864-1935
Jenkins, Will
Howdy, honey, howdy [poems]
/ by Paul Laurence Dunbar; illustrated with photographs by Leigh Richmond Miner; decorations by Will Jenkins. – New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1905. – [125] p. : ill. ; 22.5 x 15.5 cm.
[Frontispiece: photograph of seated woman with child. – Title page, half-title, and floral decorative borders in peach by Will Jenkins. – Brown diagonal fine rib cloth binding, with black, red, and gray image of house, fence, and flowers by Will Jenkins. – “Printed in August, 1905, by the University Press, Cambridge, U.S.A., for Dodd, Mead & Co., New York” – Colophon]

[Book, 1906]
Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1906
Miner, Leigh Richmond
Rae, John, 1882-1963
Joggin’ erlong [poems]
/ by Paul Laurence Dunbar; illustrated with photographs by Leigh Richmond Miner and decorations by John Rae. – New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1906. – 119 p. : ill. ; 22.5 x 15.5 cm.
[Frontispiece – Title page, half-title, and floral borders in light brown by John Rae. Red cloth (paisley design) binding, with photographic portrait of Dunbar. Floral image on spine]

# 95

[Book, 1921]
Ku Klux Klan (1915- )
Constitution and laws of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Incorporated.
– Atlanta, GA: Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Inc., 1921. – 113, xxv p. ; 10.5 x 10.5 cm.
[INDEX TO THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS: p. i-xxv. – Pictorial paper cover]

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